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[lwip-users] New to lwip. Where is uIP?

From: Patrick Suteja Teh
Subject: [lwip-users] New to lwip. Where is uIP?
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 09:56:27 +1100

Hi guys,

I'm new to lwip. For days, I've been searching and reading around mailing list, lwip wiki and google search. I still have questions. Appreciate if anyone willing to share information.

Where is uIP main website? When I google it, it re-directs me to Contiki OS. I know Contiki OS is using uIP but does uIP have separate development branch or is it now really part of Contiki OS?

I'm trying to port lwip to PIC24 that has 128K Flash and 8K memory, no underlying OS just a single threaded core, C30 compiler, expecting running TCP/IP over SLIP. I can remove ARP, Ethernet driver and UDP. Is it possible? I can't find any info porting to PIC24 using lwip which make me think it may not be possible.

I don't need high performance network throughput so I can tune down buffer size, number of connection, etc. The reason I choose lwip instead of uIP on PIC24 is because I still have to port it to other micro controller like ARM7 and Cortex M3. I'm trying to avoid using both lwip and uIP for almost identical application but running on different micro-controller.



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