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Re: [lwip-users] SYS mbox

From: Per Klint
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] SYS mbox
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 15:59:39 +0100

Hi again and thanks for your answer Iwan!

>> I have a question regarding the mbox:es.
>> We have very short on memory in our system, so we want to have  
>> the queue length in the mbox set as low as possible.
>> This however results that we sometimes gets mbox errors due to  
>> that the mbox queue is full.
>> So my question is what happens when the mbox is full, will lwip  
>> retry again later or will it result in forever lost message?>
>It will depend on your ports.
>On unix port in contrib directory. sys_mbox_post will wait forever
>until there is space in the mbox.

The implementation of sys_mbox_post in my port will also wait forever.
However the sys_mbox_post is only used a few times in the lwip-stack.
The sys_mbox_trypost is more widely used and that function will not
wait forever, it will return ERR_MEM if the mbox is full.
So my question is what will happen to those messages? Will they be
lost forever or will the lwip-stack retry again later?

I'd rather not change the lwip stack code. But perhaps it is possible
to replace all calls to sys_mbox_trypost with sys_mbox_post instead?
I however have no idea what impact that would have on the stack, but
maybe Kieran or Simon has a clue on that impact?

>> Is there a way to know how many mbox:es that will be created in
>> the system?

No, if I understood it correctly the SYS_MBOX_SIZE is not the amount
of mbox:es created, it's how many messages each mbox can hold.
So the question remains, can I know how many mbox:es that the lwip-
stack will create in my system? Does it depend on how many
connections that I have in the system?

Best regards,

/// Per

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