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[lwip-users] Could TCP traffic slow down UDP?

From: Chen
Subject: [lwip-users] Could TCP traffic slow down UDP?
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 17:09:47 -0400

Hi there,

I have two sockets opened: TCP and UDP

TCP is basically a data pump, sending data to PC, and UDP monitors broadcasted events happens around 10Hz rate, and I am in an isolated network.

I have two systems to compare, and the following test has run for over many hours and the pattern is very repeatible.

#1's TCP data output rate is at 80KB/s
#2 is at 108KB/s

Both streams out data without any problem/gap

The problem is in UDP, which I'd like to capture in a timely fashion

While both #1 and #2 sees all UDP packets, #1 always captures it within a fraction of 1ms, and #2 periodically falls back to 3ms

More detail on #2

#2 will capture it within a fraction of 1 ms (just like #1) for around 250 seconds
then it begins to lag, up to 3ms, then slowly catching back, this period is around 50 seconds

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