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[lwip-users] Problem with tcp_fasttmr

From: Carr, Anthony
Subject: [lwip-users] Problem with tcp_fasttmr
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 09:33:05 +0000



I have an application based upon lwIP v1.3.1 without an RTOS and I am having problems under a fault condition.

What is happening is during a periods of communications if I get a break in the network my unit locks-up.

I have traced the cause of the lock-up as an infinite loop in tcp_fasttmr where pcb and pcb->next are the same location.





  struct tcp_pcb *pcb;


  for(pcb = tcp_active_pcbs; pcb != NULL; pcb = pcb->next) {

    /* If there is data which was previously "refused" by upper layer */

    if (pcb->refused_data != NULL) {

      /* Notify again application with data previously received. */

      err_t err;

      LWIP_DEBUGF(TCP_INPUT_DEBUG, ("tcp_fasttmr: notify kept packet\n"));

      TCP_EVENT_RECV(pcb, pcb->refused_data, ERR_OK, err);

      if (err == ERR_OK) {

        pcb->refused_data = NULL;




    /* send delayed ACKs */ 

    if (pcb->flags & TF_ACK_DELAY) {

      LWIP_DEBUGF(TCP_DEBUG, ("tcp_fasttmr: delayed ACK\n"));


      pcb->flags &= ~(TF_ACK_DELAY | TF_ACK_NOW);





I have looked through the archives and seen that other people have had the same problem but following the threads no-one offers any solution or explanation as to why this is happening.

Can anyone offer an explanation as to why this is occurring?

Is the solution to put in a trap to capture this condition?





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