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[lwip-users] STABLE-1.4.1 IPv6 Initialization Examples or Guidance

From: Grant Erickson
Subject: [lwip-users] STABLE-1.4.1 IPv6 Initialization Examples or Guidance
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 08:51:35 -0800

I've an integration of LwIP STABLE-1_4_1 into a project and have IPv4 working, 
via DHCP, reliably and stably. However, I am now moving along in attempting to 
enable IPv6 support, which I've done with:

        #define LWIP_IPV6                       1

in lwipopts.h. In addition, I've set output_ip6  and mld_mac_filter to 
appropriate functions.

Unfortunately, I seem unable to coax the interface to taking a link-local 
(fe80) address, performing DAD and then participating in RS/RA (as seems 
typical for iOS, Mac OS X and Linux). I do see three router solicitations 
attempt to get emitted; however, the function ip6_select_source_address in 
ip6_output_if seems to NULL out the source address of IP_ADDR_ANY and 
ip6_output_if fails with ERR_RTE. Regardless, simply sending router 
solicitations before taking a link-local address seems a bit out-of-order here.

I suspect there may also be an issue with setting up the correct multicast 
filters in the MAC; however, I'd expect that would / will only be an issue once 
I get the interface to take a link-local address and start issuing neighbor 
solicitations and such.

Any examples or other recommendations on correctly initializing and kicking-off 
proper IPv6 set up in LwIP?



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