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[lwip-users] How to make lwip runing without OS ?

From: Tom Sawyer
Subject: [lwip-users] How to make lwip runing without OS ?
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 17:34:51 +0800

Hello, all:

I have read about the porting to bare system on lwip wiki but still
have many questions?

1.Is it a must to compile and link the app object and lwip with NO_SYS=1  ?

2.How to compile the executive target with custom inferface driver to
make it works with lwip? I think that lwip still should be linked with
driver object because it call the functions in interface driver.

3.Is it correct that for using NO_SYS=1 ,all the component above (app
, lwip ,driver) will be compile into a singe executive image ?

Thanks for reply,


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