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Re: [lwip-users] ARP requests crashing stack

From: Zach Smith
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] ARP requests crashing stack
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:10:40 +0000

Yes, others have complained about the ST demo code.  You might read through 
this thread that talks about an issue you may be having:

I'm guessing the demo code probably calls ethernetif_input() once every time an 
Ethernet interrupt is generated?  You want to loop and call it as many times as 
necessary while there are packets to read.  It is possible that you get one 
interrupt from the Ethernet MAC but by the time you get to servicing it there 
are multiple packets in there.


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Subject: [lwip-users] ARP requests crashing stack

The lwip stack stops responding completely when an IPscan on the subnet is 
performed. This spews out a series of ARP requests. 

It looks like the Ethernet MAC stops generating interrupts because 
ethernetif_input() is no longer called.
lwIPstats() reports an ETHARP drop and lenerr which makes me think the MAC is 
is not being serviced fast enough.
I'm using a modified STR9 demo from FreeRTOS with lwip 1.4.0.
My lwipopts.h settings are using the defaults for the most part.

Anyone else have this issue?


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