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[lwip-users] TCP jumps the gun?

From: Dave Lunger
Subject: [lwip-users] TCP jumps the gun?
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 15:23:30 -0500

Over the last few days, have been battling a performance issue. It appears to be something tricky about lwip configuration and use.


The system of concern is lwip ( tried upgrades to no avail from 1.32->1.4.0->1.4.1) on an ARM as an HTTP server

transmitting LARGE files (50 mb+) to a PC client.


The symptom is that normally I’ll see transfer rates of 900 kb/sec to 1 mb/sec; but, otherwise more in the 20 kb/sec ballpark…

with NOTHING in the middle ground, depending on configuration.


The signature of the problem has to do with what lwip is deciding to send for the next packet – it appears to jump ONE
ADDITIONAL packet’s worth of buffered data beyond the window, which then leads to the client having to repeat an ACK,

and then a BIG pregnant pause (1.2 seconds typically) until lwip transmits the missing packet (because it jumped the gun earlier),

and then this proceeds normally for a short period and then repeats.


Here is some data illustrating the issue (I’ve normalized the sequence numbers for clarity):


PC Client                                                              lwip Server

                                                                                Transmits packet 0

                                                                                Transmits packet 1

ACKs thru 1

                                                                                Transmits packet 2

ACKs thru 2

                                                                                Transmits packet 3

                                                                                TRANSMITS PACKET 5!!!

ACKs thru 3

                                                                                Transmits packet 6

ACKs thru 3

                                                <1.2 second delay>

                                                                                Transmits packet 4


The above happens with WND 2 (or 1, seems like 1 is equivalent to 2?); SNDBUF of 4 packets and SND_QLEN of 4 packets;

and calling tcp_write with 4 packets of data at a time.


If I expand WND to 4 and supply tcp_write with 2 packets of data at a time, the above oddity does NOT occur.


So, my question is: what’s going on with a packet seemingly being passed one packets-worth beyond the window?




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