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[lwip-users] RAW/UDP: "udp_send" function

From: Thomas A . Blackson
Subject: [lwip-users] RAW/UDP: "udp_send" function
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 12:38:04 -0700

I am using LwIP with no OS in an AVR32 project.  I am using UPD to send QVGA 
frames to OSX app.  The documentation says that the "udp_send" function does 
not deallocate the pbuf.   When the function returns, is it safe to reuse the 
pbuf?  Or, if I reuse it, am I in danger of interfering with the previous 
transmission?  I am unable to answer this question because I have trouble 
following the code down through the call tree.  Thanks so much for the help!

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