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Re: [lwip-users] windows 7, IPv6, and WiFi

From: Ivan Delamer
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] windows 7, IPv6, and WiFi
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2013 14:52:10 -0600

Hi Zach,

I have been able to use LwIP with IPv6, Windows 7, and Wifi, so I don't think it is specific to those technologies.

I believe Windows 7 has much higher integration of IPv6 (previous versions were more like patches). I think one of the changes is that there are many more interfaces, and this can complicate things if you are using link-local addresses.

So my advice is:
- If you are using link-local addresses, make sure your PC app is specifying the correct interface - Try using a specific prefix for your addresses such as aaaa:: and use iproute to send all those packets through the interface (Ethernet, Wifi) to which the lwip device is connected.

Lastly, you can try temporarily disabling the firewall.

Again, I have used this in many Win7 installations, usually there is a configuration issue that can be solved with iproute.


Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 19:54:28 +0000
From: Zach Smith <address@hidden>
To: "address@hidden" <address@hidden>
Subject: [lwip-users] windows 7, IPv6, and WiFi

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I am experiencing a problem that has me very confused and I wonder if
anybody has seen this or could suggest an idea.

My embedded device runs lwip and has been working great with IPv4.
It uses a WiFi module to handle raw Ethernet packets that I send it
and I get raw Ethernet from it. I updated to latest lwip to add IPv6
support.  I was able to add it and it seemed to work great.  That is,
with my windows XP machine (IP6 enabled) I could communicate fine with
the IP6 embedded device.  But someone else in my company then tried it
with their Windows 7 machine and couldn't connect.  Since then we have
tried many different machines - XP, Vista, Win7.  Only the Windows 7
machines have problems.

A strange thing is that they can ping the embedded device fine but
can't open a TCP connection.  I have done many Wireshark captures and
can see that the Win7 PC sends a SYN and the embedded device responds
with a SYN,ACK. But then the PC acts as though it never received the
SYN,ACK because it just times out and sends the SYN again.  I have
compared Wireshark captures from PCs that are able to connect and PCs
that are not able to connect and those SYN and SYN,ACK packets look
identical except for IP and MAC addresses.

I thought maybe it's the WiFi routers but they are just bridged to
pass everything through and it does seem that they are routing the
packets OK as the PC wireshark logs show - the SYN,ACK from the
embedded device gets to the PC but the PC never responds with the ACK.

Is there some special thing to configure windows 7 to work with IP6
or something I am missing? Any Ideas??

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