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[lwip-users] Did getaddrinfo() completely implemented?

From: ffddybz
Subject: [lwip-users] Did getaddrinfo() completely implemented?
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 15:27:10 +0800

I succeed in connecting my board(ruuning lwip-head as tcp & udp server) with my computer(Debian 7.4 as tcp & udp client) via ipv6 socket program.
(board)->(router supported ipv6)->(computer).
But when I run my board as tcp client, I try two methods, but it always return connect error:-4(Routing problem), and my computer did not receive any packets from my board.
method 1:
        1??socket()??inet_pton()(properly transfrom string to network order ip address)??connect()??and then network I/O.
method 2:
        2??getaddrinfo()??socket()??connect()??and then network I/O.
the address I used is link-local address.I try like "fe80::1" and "fe80::1%e0". But it always return -4 (errno number).
But when I write ipv6 socket program between two linux machines, I must use the link-local address like this("fe80::1%eth1");
Thanks all!

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