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Re: [lwip-users] TCP IP Port accept Issue- Reg

From: Sergio R. Caprile
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] TCP IP Port accept Issue- Reg
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 11:17:25 -0300
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You guys seem to be both making the same mistake, however, I can't tell
which it is without knowing what you are actually doing (assuming I'm
capable enough to tell, of course).
- Is your port a good one, known for not trashing memory and respecting
the mandatory laws of calling lwIP from one and only one thread ?
- Have you successfully run the examples in the contrib tree? Not any
vendor examples, the ones in lwIP's contrib tree.
- Have you checked your application against those examples ? Can you
tell what is different, anything you are doing that is not exactly like
in the examples ?
Once you have fullfilled those points, please send a detailed lwIP log
and a wireshark capture and I will try to look at them and see if I can
help. Chances are you won't need to send anything.
In such a case you need to send files, it would be nice to have a chance
to know not only what you are doing, but what you are actually trying to
do. Please add a detailed description of your application in correct
networking terms. For example: "after three times the TCP won't accept
my connection and the client application will close" is too vague, who
is "the TCP" ? what is "the client application" ? who is "the client"?
If you send a connection request, then YOU are the client, the other
side is the server, then who is sending what ? Where is lwIP? Is it the
client, is it the server, is it both ? Are you writting a client or a
server, or both? Have you actually tested your server with a simple
telnet ? Is it a well known application ?
Please take into account that we on the other side of the mailing list
have no clue whatsoever of what you know or don't know, have or don't have.

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