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[lwip-users] Query regarding internals of lwip-contrib: Unix port

From: Padmini Gaur
Subject: [lwip-users] Query regarding internals of lwip-contrib: Unix port
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 23:59:02 +0530

I have been using Unix platform to have a hands-on experience of lwip.
My aim is to study and analyze the lwip stack. Currently, I am trying
to analyze the performance of the lwip stack in Unix environment.
However, the stack is not the default one, and the tap0  interface can
not reach the outer network. I found a bridge creation technique in
which the interfaces are held up in promiscuous mode. But, I want to
communicate to the outer world using lwip stack. Is there any overview
of contrib code, any tutorial or user guide to throw some light and
provide insight to in-depth details and tell me how to configure
things to my requirement? Else, how can I proceed?
Thanks a lot!
Padmini Gaur

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