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[lwip-users] udp_bind() gives different results for v1.3.2 vs lwip-maste

From: Robert Deschambault
Subject: [lwip-users] udp_bind() gives different results for v1.3.2 vs lwip-master branch
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 17:01:28 -0500

Hi all,

I have a very simple UDP server that has been implemented in our legacy code using LwIP v1.3.2.  I am moving the code to the latest code from the lwip-master branch.  There is a call to udp_bind() that returns ERR_USE in the latest code.  I am using the raw api for this application.  Does anyone have any ideas why the same function gives different results?  Is there something I have forgotten to configure somewhere?


Bob Deschambault
6614 Astro Court, Mississauga
Ontario, Canada L5N 7J2
home: 905 824 7159
cell: 416 457 7163
twitter: @rdeschambault

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