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[lwip-users] Multiple servers under LwIP

From: Robert Deschambault
Subject: [lwip-users] Multiple servers under LwIP
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015 10:18:29 -0500


I am using the latest sources from the master branch and I am running on a STM32F429 under CMSIS-RTOS/RTX.  I am putting together a framework for our application that includes multiple servers each running in its own thread.

I have written and tested the code for each server individually and they work fine.  They are essentially a UDP server and a TCP server that responds to messages from the client to request small packets of information.  They are running on different ports.  However, when I try to run both servers in my framework my TCP server seems to stop responding to requests after I have done a UDP request.  I am fairly new to LwIP, can anyone guide me as to what might be happening and why I can run each server ok but they can't seem to run together at the same time?



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