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Re: [lwip-users] HTTP Auth, LWIP connection management and FIN packets

From: Gustavo Pinho Oliveira
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] HTTP Auth, LWIP connection management and FIN packets
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 12:20:05 +0000

Sorry, missed the attachment.

On 2 March 2016 at 11:59, Gustavo Pinho Oliveira <address@hidden> wrote:
I finally got the time to come back to this.

1) I'm very grateful Sergio for your httpd, but I want digest authentication your server only implements basic.

2) I'm sorry for the misunderstanding with my pcap.
I was looking at different solution and sent the pcap from that.

3) I sort of found my problem.
Attached new pcap.
In frame 4 of the pcap you can see that my server is sending the tcp packet flagged as FIN.
However if I try to call tcp_close() from the client tcp_recv callback it sends a reset because the receive window isn't empty.

The server sends 143 bytes of data, but the client receive window (pcb->rcv_wnd) is being subtracted 144.

I looked in the code at tcp_in.c and found that
1220: tcplen = TCP_TCPLEN(&inseg) = 144

The pbuf->len = 143.

By my understanding of the TCP_TCPLEN macro this should be the case.

Any idea where I'm missing the point?

On 27 February 2016 at 20:34, Sergio R. Caprile <address@hidden> wrote:
> One should mention here that the httpd on ldir.com.ar does have a
> different license than lwIP! Its code may thus not be merged back
> into (bsd-licensed) lwIP.

Oh, that was not my intention at all. If you need a written
authorization or whatever just let me know.
99.9% of the code is lWIP's, of course you guys can merge back whatever
I changed or added.

Will a:

4. The owners of the original code, the Swedish Institute of Computer
Science, are free to merge back any portions of this code into their
own. The code so formed will of course be bound by their licensing
scheme, not this one.

suffice ?

I'm not well versed into licensing, so you just let me know what fits best.


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