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[lwip-users] netconn TCP client connection closing and connecting.

From: Pidcam
Subject: [lwip-users] netconn TCP client connection closing and connecting.
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 12:22:47 +0000 (UTC)

Dear all,

Can someone give me some details about how to setup een LwIP netconn TCP client connection, then, close - connect, many times. I can not figure out how to connect again after a netconn_close without deleting the connection. Is it possible anyhow?

So if I do (theoretically):

    conn = netconn_new_with_callback(NETCONN_TCP, netconn_client_callback);
    while (1)
        err0 = netconn_bind(conn, NULL, 0);
        err1 = netconn_connect(conn, &remote_ip, 7);
        err2 = netconn_close(conn);

The first time all err are ERR_OK. The second time err0 = -6, err1 = -15, err2 = -11. It seems that netconn_connect can not be called after a netconn_close.

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