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[lwip-users] Problems on Class-B network

From: Stephen Cowell
Subject: [lwip-users] Problems on Class-B network
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 13:28:23 -0500
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I've got an embedded FTP product out in the
field built on lwIP 1.4.1... so far so good... but
now a customer has a problem getting one to
work (static IP) on a class-B (172.31.xxx.xxx)
subnet.  Raw API, no OS... running FatFS
and FTPD on Atmel SAM4E16E.

I have not been able to obtain/set up a similar
situation here yet... I have attached my PC to
my device with a crossover cable and set it to
the customer's Gateway IP... the mask is, so it's not the full 1mib address
space.  My sim FTP works fine... but at the customer's
site (overseas, of course) when they set this IP/etc
they can't even ping the device.  For me, it seems
unusual that for every static IP the customer sets,
they also set a unique gateway... not sure why.
The gateway is pingable from the drop to the device,
or at least that's what I've been assured.

We are sending a replacement unit now... I just want
to confirm that this should work no problem on
the class-B subnet.

Stephen Cowell
Project Manager/Engineer
Plasmability LLC
Office (512) 267-7087
Cell  (512) 632-8593

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