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Re: [lwip-users] HardFault with lwip

From: twagner
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] HardFault with lwip
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2016 23:14:01 -0700 (MST)

The HardFault happens in the function tcp_output at the line
"if (TCP_SEQ_LT(ntohl(seg->tcphdr->seqno), ntohl(useg->tcphdr->seqno))) {"
after 10 - 20 minuts.
The processor wants to load "seg->tcphdr->seqno" and "useg->tcphdr->seqno"
but one pointer is not valid and the processor crashes at the address
"0800d50a" with a HardFault and the flag unaligned memory access is set.
The SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PRO was set and it is a Coretex-M7 (stm32f745).
Increasing the mbox buffer size prevent the mbox errors in the lwip_stats
but this time i had 60 errors at the memp[6].

Here my disassembly:
1010              if (TCP_SEQ_LT(ntohl(seg->tcphdr->seqno),
ntohl(useg->tcphdr->seqno))) {
0800d4fc:   ldr r3, [r4, #12]
0800d4fe:   ldr r0, [r3, #4]
0800d500:   bl 0x80097d4 <lwip_ntohl>
0800d504:   mov r6, r0
0800d506:   ldr.w r3, [r8, #12]
0800d50a:   ldr r0, [r3, #4]
0800d50c:   bl 0x80097d4 <lwip_ntohl>
0800d510:   subs r0, r6, r0
0800d512:   cmp r0, #0
0800d514:   bge.n 0x800d546 <tcp_output+526>
1012                struct tcp_seg **cur_seg = &(pcb->unacked);

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