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[lwip-users] does lwIP support listen/bind on multiple IP and multiple p

From: Yanrui Hu
Subject: [lwip-users] does lwIP support listen/bind on multiple IP and multiple port?
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 17:07:51 +0800

My senario should be a little special and I want to confirm if it's feasible.
What I have done by using lwIP receive IP packets, and lwIP use lwIP socket API to bind and listen on one specific IP and port. And receive according layer7 data and do something on it. And this already worked.
What I want to do is based on above solution to receive IP packets with different target IP.
That's means lwIP socket API need to bind/listen on multiple IPs and ports (maybe 255 IPs and port rang from 0-65535).
Is this feasible for current lwIP code? assign different IP on one NIC or start several NIC should not a good way.
Will this need raw API? or does that easy if can use raw API?

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