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[lwip-users] sio.h Function Prototypes

From: Greg Smith
Subject: [lwip-users] sio.h Function Prototypes
Date: Fri, 6 May 2016 14:56:49 +0000


In lwIP 2.0.0 Beta1, it has a prototype in sio.h for sio_write, which I believe is the generic function name for the PPP output function.  Should this have a prototype of:

u32_t sio_write(ppp_pcb *pcb, u8_t *data, u32_t len, void *ctx);

instead of:

u32_t sio_write(sio_fd_t fd, u8_t *data, u32_t len);



It seems the updates to PPP demand a ppp_pcb, instead of sio_fd_t.  (The fourth 'ctx' parameter seems to be needed for the pppos_output_cb_fn type.)  But I want to make sure I'm understanding the new functions correctly before messing with something I shouldn't.


Thank you.

-- G

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