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Re: [lwip-users] Configuring PPP Options in Version 2.0.0 Beta1

From: Sylvain Rochet
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Configuring PPP Options in Version 2.0.0 Beta1
Date: Tue, 10 May 2016 22:56:18 +0200
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Hi Greg,

On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 03:10:55PM +0000, Greg Smith wrote:
> From: Sylvain Rochet [mailto:address@hidden
> > 
> > Well, you are right, you can't. You are actually the first one to 
> > ask. I can't remember that far away but that wasn't possible in 
> > 1.4.1 as well isn't it ?
> It was not in 1.4.1, either.  But I found a blog post somewhere with 
> the above hack.  Since there was no delay in connecting, it worked 
> fine.  In 2.0.0, with the optional delay, that workaround now only 
> works for no delay.

Indeed, and well, it's just a stupid hack. Of course the first packet 
sent by the stack is not going to be an IPCP packet (LCP must be opened 
first), but that's still wrong.

> Since the server function wasn't really working in 1.4.1 (at least, it 
> wasn't for me), I needed a way to set a fixed address as a "client".  
> Now that the feature is working, this may be moot.  However, it would 
> be a nice feature, I think , for future revs.

I fully agree, at least with a proper way of changing the default PPP 
configuration we could get rid of most of our ppp_settings struct 
members that are actually just duplicate of existing {proto}_wantoptions 

> > What worry me about both of them is that it is not possible to add 
> > them without an API change, and we are in beta… that would have been 
> > possible months ago but it's a bit too late now, you should have 
> > tried the Git master branch :-)
> I just started using lwIP earlier this year and am pretty new at all 
> IP stacks.  While I wanted the newer stuff in 1.5/2.0 (master) builds, 
> I couldn't tolerate that kind of volatility.  I just needed to get the 
> thing working to begin with!  It's just coincidentally fortunate that 
> at the 2.0.0 beta, I was at a point where I could try upgrading to it.

Given what Simon says ("just a Beta" part), which is a great news, I can 
fulfil your need for the next stable release.

> What I'm really after is being able to adjust the settings at 
> compile-time (or during init at runtime) so that when a new version of 
> lwIP comes out, it doesn't clobber my changes when I overwrite with 
> the new files.  I don't think there's going to need to be a lot of 
> configuration once we get it close to production and get things 
> settled.  So I'll take a look at ppp_settings.
> If I understand your comment above, I'll remove ppp_clear() from the 
> source files as they are now, then update ppp_settings as I need, then 
> call ppp_clear(), and finally, ppp_connect()/listen().

Not exactly, you can update ppp_settings whenever you want when the 
session is in the dead state, it is not cleared when the PPP state 
machine is cleared, hence its name. What is cleared is almost everything 
else, especially all the {proto}_wantoptions structures, if you add the 
options you want in ppp_settings then the current way of clearing the 
PPP state machine will still be fine.

I'm first going to check if {proto}_wantoptions are changed while PPP is 
running, I don't think they are, but I really need to double or even 
triple check that. If they are not I could then move them out from the 
runtime state part that need to be cleared between sessions and try to 
skip the part where PPP protocols are initialized to their default 
values. That would be the best outcome so far.

I don't really like my proposal where you need to reconfigure everything 
that is not the default before calling _connect() or _listen() for each 
run, a configuration is a configuration and it _should_ stay between 


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