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[lwip-users] What is the recommended steps to upgrade to 2.0.0?

From: Xun Chen
Subject: [lwip-users] What is the recommended steps to upgrade to 2.0.0?
Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 15:01:24 -0400
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Hi there,

I am using 1.4.1 and would like to give 2.0.0(beta) a try, I thought I could just keep the port and application files and simply replace the whole folder of 1.4.1 with 2.0.0, but then I realized there are files added/renamed, for example, in src\core\ipv4 subfolder

1.4.1 package has these file that are missing in 2.0.0 package

while 2.0.0 has the following that may be renamed from 1.4.1

I assume all the main APIs can be found in these two packages, but they are in different files, unfortunately, the (TiVa) example I started project with refers them via abstract lwiplib.c thru hard coding.

I assume I need to rewrite lwiplib.c to point to the new files in 2.0.0, but is it possible for the lwip gurus to keep the file names in the future so that the users can simply replace the old folder with the new one?

Thanks for your attention!


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