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[lwip-users] lwip adding a pcb into active lsit which is already inserte

From: christian . neubert
Subject: [lwip-users] lwip adding a pcb into active lsit which is already inserted
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2016 11:07:05 +0200

I´m using LWIP 2.0.0RC2 (but the problem should also be in 1.4.1) with FreeRTOS and a own developed HTTP server. 

A collegue of mine has written a tool to stress test a webserver in the way that it connects to the webserver and only sends "GET /index.html" and then immediatly closes the connection. 
This all happens in many threads and all the time. 

I´m not 100% sure what happens, but what I know is, that after some connections are made and closed again (I assume as much as defined are max possible) I´ve got the following stack trace: 


and in tcp_listen_in a new pcb is allocated and inserted in the active pcb list. Problem here is, this just new allocated pcb is still in the active pcb list. 

So, how can it happen that a freed pcb is still in the active list? Where have I to look to find this problem?

I searched the whole source and tried to find all places where the active pcb list is altered, but I´m missing some places, because I can´t see every remove from this list. 

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