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[lwip-users] prioritizing of active connections

From: Norbert Kleber
Subject: [lwip-users] prioritizing of active connections
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 17:58:37 +0200
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Hi evereyone,

I got some questions again.

I am using the lwIP on a STM32F4 mikrocontroller without OS. A client will connect to the stack at two ports for transmission. First port will be used for controlsignals and second for datatransmission. The whole System works sequentially.

Firstly 1 package will be received on the ctrl connection afterwards we receive many packages on the dataconnection. Now I was wondering that the stack acknowlegded all data packages before he acknowledges the ctrl package. Due to the operation of the ┬ÁC I can tell that he received the package right away and ofcause i use the acknowledgement function in the receive function. But somehow it is severly delayed approx. 200ms but the later received data packages all get acknowledged right away.

Does the stack some prioritizing between open connections? Or is it due to the Ctrl Package being quite short?

Also I am doing some computational work outside of the callback functions and want to transmit some of the results asap over the ctrl connection. Is there a way to do that without waiting for the polling function? Or is there a way to trigger the polling function somehow for a instant call? Also it seemed like i can't use tcp_write if i am outside of a callback function (i was storing the pointer to the pcb in a global variable).



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