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[lwip-users] Failed lwip_getpeername() call appears to prevent future so

From: Brian Armstrong
Subject: [lwip-users] Failed lwip_getpeername() call appears to prevent future socket calls
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 13:36:39 -0700


I'm noticing some possibly unintuitive behavior where calling lwip_getpeername() on a socket that's not connected (silly, for sure, but perhaps still valid) appears to prevent any future socket calls from succeeding. For example, it seems to prevent calls to lwip_bind() or lwip_send().

Is this intentional behavior? I suspect this relates to the check by netconn_bind against last_err and netconn_getaddr calling NETCONN_SET_SAFE_ERR. Alternately, it may be that the error here should not be considered fatal.

Just for comparison, when I run this sequence of calls on my local host against its stack, it seems to work fine -- I am allowed to send after a failed call to getpeername().


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