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[lwip-users] LwIP data management

From: Tilen MAJERLE
Subject: [lwip-users] LwIP data management
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2017 14:07:28 +0200

Hello to all users,

this is my first post so I hope I'm not in any violation.

In past few days I'm studying LwIP arhitecture very deeply in the code and I can't find to understand one thing so far.

I'm looking at RAW mode and TCP connection, something like:

tcp_new(), tcp_connect() -> wait callback, etc.

According to LwIP setup, 1500 bytes (ONLY!) is available for pbuf managements.

Now my question:

Assume we have high throughput of data, we get received callback where we have to manually call tcp_recved about received data. What if we don't call it and we call tcp_write instead? In this case what is happening?

Is only entry created with pointer to data we have to send and place to message queue or what exactly is happening.

What I don't seem to understand is how LwIP manages receive and transmit data at the same time with only 1500 bytes of RAM.

Thank you for your answers,
Best regards,


Tilen Majerle, dipl.inž.el.
Tušev Dol 11
8340 Črnomelj
skype: tjuln10

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