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[lwip-users] httpd: how to redirect to a new address

From: Jan Menzel
Subject: [lwip-users] httpd: how to redirect to a new address
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 23:18:39 +0100
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Hi all!
        In our application we wont to allow the user to change the ip address
of the server using a webpage. I wonder what would be the best way of
doing that.
        At present we use a very basic webserver that servers a different page
(with HTTP status code 301) if the parameters update the ip address.
After sending out the last byte we change the ip address, so the server
is immediately listening on the new address.
        With lwip we can either use LWIP_HTTPD_CGI_SSI with a single parameter
handler but how to server different status codes? And, when is the
correct time of changing the ip address? Or we could use LWIP_HTTPD_CGI
which read kind of deprecated in the documentation.
        Is there a recommended procedure how lwip can server is purpose?


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