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[lwip-users] POST gets stuck after few requests.

From: vysocan
Subject: [lwip-users] POST gets stuck after few requests.
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 04:11:19 -0700 (MST)

I'm bit new to lwip, and I'm using it on STM32407 with ChibiOS which is RTOS.
I'm using current stable version of lwip and bindings form ChibiOS to run it
as threads. My static and also dynamically generated html pages are served
well and without any issues. But I have problem with POST. I use the example
post striped down to bare minimum, that is the application does not do any
other thing on httpd_post_begin, _receive_data, _finished, then to print the
parameters received.

Now what I;m experiencing is that after few POSTs the whole lwip gets stuck.
Curiously enough, it does not get stuck in POST itself but in the sending of
subsequent html pages. 

I have turn on the debugging messages and receiving following for good POST:

Then after few more POSTs I get this:

And the lwip is stuck, while other threads work well. I meant that httpd is
no longer responding to any request and also sntp is not able reach remote

Both threads serving lwip, called lwipthread and tcpip_thread are in good
state and not overflooded. 

Any ideas what can be the cause?


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