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[lwip-users] Sample code for the mainloop NO_SYS case is broken

From: Jon Taylor
Subject: [lwip-users] Sample code for the mainloop NO_SYS case is broken
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2020 21:12:59 -0400


I am trying to get lwIP running on top of the BareMetal exokernel, for
which I am using the NO_SYS mainloop mode of lwIP.  I tried to
implement the example code at:


...in the documentation folder in the main source tree.  However, it
appears to depend on the queue_try_put() function, and I can't find
that function defined anywhere in the lwIP sources.  Also, when
looking at:


...in the docs, I see the note about packet buffers not being
supported.  Which of these conflicting messages is correct?


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