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[lwip-users] Why is the whole ping.c surrounded by "#if LWIP_RAW" ?

From: Jonathan D
Subject: [lwip-users] Why is the whole ping.c surrounded by "#if LWIP_RAW" ?
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2022 09:07:15 +0000


I have a project with LwIP working for several services (both client and server) and so far, I didn't need to enable LWIP_RAW.
Now, I want to ping the gateway from my device and I included the "ping" app from the contrib repository.

I find it strange that the whole ping.c is surrounded by "#if LWIP_RAW" as even the comment says:

This is an example of a "ping" sender (with raw API and socket API).

On top of that there is also this in ping.h:
 * PING_USE_SOCKETS: Set to 1 to use sockets, otherwise the raw api is used

Should I enable LWIP_RAW in order to use functions in ping.c ? Will this not create problems ?

Thank you,


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