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Re: [lwip-users] LwIP v2.1.2 in UDP client mode gets stuck in etharp_que

From: Lan Yang
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] LwIP v2.1.2 in UDP client mode gets stuck in etharp_query() after running for a long time without connection?,
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 16:34:37 +0800

On Fri, 23 Sep 2022 11:04:55 +0100   Peter <peter@peter2000.co.uk>    wrote:

I have been told by an "expert" that the RAW API is *never* thread

The core locking feature is just a more timing-efficient way of doing
things, but the LWIP netconn and sockets APIs are thread-safe anyway.

Hi Peter, 

I'm glad to hear from you.

I've found a raw function that is thread safe:  tcpip_try_callback() function.

Though according to the doc: https://www.nongnu.org/lwip/2_1_x/multithreading.html
only the functions from these API header files are thread-safe: api.h, netbuf.h, netdb.h, netifapi.h, pppapi.h, sockets.h, sys.h.

I saw a note above the tcpip_try_callback() function, it said that the function can be called in interruption. However,  tcpip_try_callback() function is not in the API header files mentioned above!

Maybe it's because the maintenance of the docs is a bit behind the updates to the code. I think we should go with source code and actual test results.

Netconn is not always thread safe.
Suppose there are two threads and one netconn, one thread receives through this net conn while another thread sends through this net conn, in this case netconn is not thread safe.
More details can be seen in this link: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/lwip-users/2009-05/msg00049.html  

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If my understanding is different from yours, exchange of ideas is very welcome.

Best regards,

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