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LYNX-DEV 2.7 release.

From: Subir Grewal
Subject: LYNX-DEV 2.7 release.
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 12:08:38 -0800 (PST)


I've been operating under the assumption that we would be releasing 2.7 in
a few weeks (maybe three).  I've been building Fote's distribution on a
Solaris machine every two days, presuming that is where the new version
would come from.  I think the cookie code will be quite popular, I've
found it useful, haven't tried out the multiple bookmarks code yet, but
since other people have turned in reports over the past one month, I
assume it's being used by various people with success.  I've also been
seeing reports on cookie handling fly past, I personally haven't had a
problem yet.

Basically, I'm operating under the impression that we are already in an
"alpha testing phase".  People have asked me when a new version will be
available, and have been quite excited when they hear it supports cookies.
So I'm all for it.  I'd say a shceduled release date of about February 15
would be good.  I guess what that would mean is that no new
"functionality" goes in and everyone tries to concentrate on tweaking
whatever they can, and testing Lynx out to the greatest extent possible
over the next 18 days.

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