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LYNX-DEV start page for the lynx-dev archives

From: Al Gilman
Subject: LYNX-DEV start page for the lynx-dev archives
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 23:06:52 -7700 (EST)


Here is a draft revised page for


The main idea is to get the links to "About Lynx" and Subir's search
page in place.

Al Gilman

<HEAD><TITLE>Lynx Developers list archives</TITLE>
This is an archive of the 
<a href="";>
&nbsp;lynx-dev</a> mailing list.  The recent archives are available in 
both HTML and in a mailbox format.

<LI><A HREF="html/">HTML format</A> by MHonArc starting in October 1996
<LI><A HREF="mailbox/">Mailbox format</A> starting in October 1996
<LI><A HREF="lynx-dev/">Old archives</A> in HTML by Hypermail from
February 1994 through mid-December 1996.

To find discussion of a particular topic or by a particular individual 
you may want to try
<a href="";>
&nbsp;Searching the Lynx-Dev Archives
</a> using the tailored search front-page at <em>Lynx 



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