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LYNX-DEV New merged development versions available

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: LYNX-DEV New merged development versions available
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 19:39:40 -0600 (CST)

Scott McGee was nice enough to provide me with disk space on
for Lynx related stuff.  (Thanks Scott!)

         See <URL:>.

I have merged my chartrans patches with Wayne's mods and Fote's latest
bugfixes.  There are also version with just the chartrans patches, and
with just Wayne's stuff (all with lastest applied).

The chartrans stuff is the same as was available before, except for the 
fix of the problem discoverd by Hynek Med in SGML.c.

The repackaging of Wayne's stuff was based on patches from him.  I made 
two small corrections (one change from Wayne, and one problematic comment
fixed), filename of djgpp/makefile is now lowercase, otherwise the
contents should be the same as in his file - except for
fixing up line-ends in some files and removing other unnecessary
formatting changes.  I.e. this should be easier to diff and patch against
other versions.

I have merged these different lines of changes, in view of recent
discussions on this list.  So far there weren't any real conflicts.
Putting my chartrans changes and Wayne's changes in one package does
*not* mean that the chartrans stuff works on DOS or Windows now: I
didn't change Wayne's djgpp/makefile and makefile.dos at all, which
would be necessary.  (I leave that for him to investigate, if he wants

I am using a version control system for comparison and merging of versions:
PRCS from <URL:>.  I just
started playing around with it.  It is supposedly similar to CVS (but
I have no experience with CVS).  I am having some problems with PRCS,
(which CVS may not have, because it is much more widely used), but my
first impression is that such a system can make handling of different
Lynx code versions *a lot* easier.  I suggest that others who are
having problems with keeping around, comparing, or merging diverging
versions also try something like this.  (Note that this use is not the
same as having a central and shared CVS repository, which may also be
a good idea.)  Virtually I have over 20 full different Lynx source
packages on my hard disk, but they only need the space of one full
version plus (up to now, relatively small) changes.  Creating
diffs between any two of those versions is also easy. (provided
everything works, that is.)

I would have tried to also merge the code with Rob's patches (maybe I
am getting to bold here..), if I could have found a version of them
based on 2.7.  I didn't find one.

I am not sure the autoconfigure stuff is mature for this kind of
treatment,  so I didn't try it, although T.E.D. writes in 
 "It will take more than one step, so I hope to get intermediate
  versions merged into the developmental sources [...]"
If T.E.Dickey and Jim Spath have something they would like to see
merged with the chartrans and/or Wayne's changes, I will at least try
whether this is easily done with PRCS.


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