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LYNX-DEV Question on the "-source" option

From: Wai Man Fong
Subject: LYNX-DEV Question on the "-source" option
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 18:57:22 -0800

  I have a question on using lynx with the -source option. I am trying
to download GIF images using that option, for example,

  >lynx -source > lf.gif

It returns the following error message,

  lynx: Can't access start file

I tried the same command with a GIF file on the local machine, it
worked fine.

After a few more attempts, I concluded that the -source option works
fine with any file that is on my machine, but never work for any remote

Can you please tell me what am I missing? I am runing lynx 2.4.2 on
linux 1.2.13 and Apache 1.2b4.


Wai Man Fong

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