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Re: LYNX-DEV Bug in lynx v.2.6

From: Hiram Lester, Jr.
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Bug in lynx v.2.6
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 23:22:54 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I think I've found a bug in lynx v2.6.
> If you have an INPUT field of type PASSWORD, the number of stars doesn't
> match the number of characters input by a user. For example, with the
> following HTML snippet:
> <DL>
> <DT><B>Surname/Last name</B>
>         <DD><INPUT NAME="lastname" SIZE="20">
> <DT><B>Last 4 digits of your ID Number</B>
>         <DD><INPUT NAME="id" TYPE=PASSWORD SIZE="4">
> </DL>
> one would only see 3 stars even though they typed in 4 digits. This version
> of lynx is running under Solaris 2.5.1. I also tried it with lynx v2.4.2 on
> Digital Unix 4.0b and had worse results- I only see 2 stars when 4 digits
> are input.

What you're encountering is just the way lynx works.  Try your
non-password field and see what happens when you get close to the end of
the field.  It scrolls, right?  Well, the same thing is happening in the
password field except that it's hard to tell that those asterisks are
scrolling.  Enter 4 digits in there, and then use Ctrl-A to go to the
beginning of the line (or the arrow keys), and you'll see there are really
four things there.  If you add MAXLENGTH="4", then it won't scroll like
that and will only accept 4 characters.

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