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Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx W32 bug report

From: Benjamin C. W. Sittler
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx W32 bug report
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 18:20:41 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 6 Mar 1997, Wayne Buttles wrote:

> On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Christopher R. Maden wrote:
> > Lynx substitutes the HOME (or TEMP/TMP) variable's value for any
> > occurence of ~ - even though ~ is common in the DOS version of long
> > file names.
> I am going to start with * as an alias for $home in LYNX_CFG on Win32 only
> and see how it goes.  There are some other places that react to ~ as well
> but we can address them one at a time.  Some of them may be desired
> (maybe). 

Keep in mind that both * and ~ are valid characters in UNIX filenames.
In fact, the only place ~ has a special meaning is inside certain shells,
which do the following bit of clever processing to expand a word to a
filename (which Lynx might benefit by, and bash just happens to have
GPL'ed code for):

 * If the word begins with a '/', don't change it.
 * If the word begins with a '~', do tilde-expansion.
    + If the word is '~' or starts with '~/', replace the
      tilde with the current user's home directory ($HOME)
    + If the word is '~' followed by one or more non-'/' characters,
      replace it with the home directory of the corresponding user.
    + Otherwise, replace everything before the first '/' with the home
      directory of the user named.
   The replacement is made only if the tilde-expansion was successful.
 * Otherwise, prepend the current working directory.

Some prettying-up can also be done, like replacing '/./' with '/'.

That's it! So a ~ no at the beginning of a filename should not get
expanded, at least if we want UNIX-like semantics.

It looks like this would need to change LYConvertToURL() in LYUtils, and
perhaps a few places elsewhere (like the config file expansion in main()
in LYMain and LYSanctify() in LYGetFile. I might hack on it, but I have
midterms this week.

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