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LYNX-DEV Copyright statement

From: dski
Subject: LYNX-DEV Copyright statement
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 12:27:33 +0800

I wrote --

>> Why no `(C)'? To have legal force, the term must be either spelled out in
>> full or represented by a *capital* _C_ fully enclosed in a _circle_.

...and Alan Cox (address@hidden) responded --

> Please talk to a lawyer before trying to be one - its suprising what
> matters. For most of the world no statement is even needed, the Berne
> convention covers your rights. For a few countries (notably .za was one)
> you want some form of statement. The statement recommended to us is
> (C) Copyright 199x Foobar Ltd, All Rights Reserved.

I got my information in writing from a US-American lawyer I worked with.
The info was contained in a memo he sent to the company's tech writers
to make sure they printed copyright notices and such correctly. I've
seen the same info in other places, though I can't remember where.
The University of Chicago _Manual of Style_ states that printing both
the word and the symbol is redundant and only wastes space; either one
is sufficient by itself. If anyone ever needed to save space, it looks
like we will, if we are going to list UKans and other developers.

Dan Strychalski
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