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LYNX-DEV Updates to Lynx links (new page, updated bugs.html)

From: Subir Grewal
Subject: LYNX-DEV Updates to Lynx links (new page, updated bugs.html)
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 1997 15:05:09 -0800 (PST)

Acting on Gregory's message, I've set up another page at:

which contains my suggestions as to how one might go about getting Lynx
upgraded on a system with a sysadmin who has a problem dealing with user

I've also upgraded the "Think you've found a bug in Lynx?" page at:

About the earlier message that I got from a user to whom I suggested he
might want to send mail to Lynx-Dev.  Sorry about that, I didn't realize
he was running an older version.  It should have hit me right away when
they said they mailed UKans.  I get about 2 readable messages from Lynx
users everyday, sandwiched between the 5/6 who mistakenly hit 'c' while
browsing one of my pages ;~).  There are few indeed who make it up to the
level where I say, send mail to lynx-dev, in this case I goofed.

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While you don't greatly need the outside world, it's still very
reassuring to know that it's still there.

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