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LYNX-DEV make solaris2cc compilation warnings

From: S. A. Levin [Stewart]
Subject: LYNX-DEV make solaris2cc compilation warnings
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 97 11:57:59 CST

"../../Library/Implementation/HTFile.c", line 1482: warning: semantics of ">" ch
ange in ANSI C; use explicit cast

"../../Library/Implementation/HTFTP.c", line 1435: warning: semantics of ">" cha
nge in ANSI C; use explicit cast

are two of several such compilation warnings.  My previous experience
with such messages is that they arise from mingling of signed and
unsigned integers (typically one of them is a constant) and the
warnings go away with the application of appropriate casts to a
common denominator (typically int.)

"../../Library/Implementation/SGML.c", line 1890: warning: \x is ANSI C hex esca

I also receive screenfuls of the above.  It appears that the \x is indeed
used as an ANSI escape sequence, but is there any way of making the
warnings go away?

- Stew Levin
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