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Re: LYNX-DEV Auto Configure

From: Scott McGee (Personal)
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Auto Configure
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 21:18:31 -0700

I looked at the code for Lynx, and I think a change can be made to add
a development version string  (sort of a patch level) without effecting
the user agent string by doing the following:

Add LYNX_DEV_VERSION right after LYNX_VERSION in userdefs.h and set it to
"ac 1.0" and leave LYNX_VERSION as "2.7"

Next, in LYMain.c and about 14 other files, add LYNX_DEV_VERSION to the
printf args along with LYNX_VERISON, adding, of course, an extra %s to
the template string.

This method catches everything where we are printng but doesn't effect other
things. Other approaches would be to identify and modify only files that it
is determined that the dev version is needed, or to leave LYNX_VERSION as
"2.7 ac 1.0" and defind a LYNX_USER_AGENT in userdefs.h and change the few
places where user agent is manipulated to use that rather than LYNX_VERSION.

The latter is probably the best idea. If it is done, do we want the LYNX_VERSION
environment variable set with LYNX_VERISON or LYNX_USER_AGENT



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