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Re: LYNX-DEV Some things I'd like in the next Lynx package.

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Some things I'd like in the next Lynx package.
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 12:59:07 -0500 (EST)

  From: "Brian Tillman, x8425" <address@hidden>

  Wayne Buttles (address@hidden) writes:
  >How about a 6 month update nag in Lynx itself with a -no_nag switch.
  Lord, no!  There are often valid reasons why updating
  impractical, even if the
  sysadmin is perfectly willing.  A nag would make Lynx _way_ too
  much like PC junkware.

Consider the following scenario:

1. Assume that we have defined a recommended place in an
installation for an "About _this_ Lynx" page.  This page includes
or links to a human-readable configuration record generated by
the configure/make process.

2. We define an information spec and mailable text format for how
to describe an available lynx configuration.  This format is
dual-duty in the sense that it is reasonably legible and strict
enough for finite-state extraction of the core content by a
simple program.

3. Anyone who wants to make a binary, a patch, or an upgrade
available completes the standard version description and mails it
on lynx-announce.

4. This information can be captured to a local status cache via
mail filtering and a script that maintains the local record by
processing the updates as they come in.

5. There is a dedicated search engine running over the archives
of lynx-announce that knows the code (configuration description
format) and hence can maintain a database of what's out there
from the forms it gets in the mail.  Or this could be a totally
autonomous server that just receives the mail feed and analyzes
the product availability.

6. The "nag" is a second line on the Information Page, and/or
selected other venues, where in addition to announcing what
version the currently executing image is, there is an annotation
of what the latest available is.  Compare this with p3/27 for
pagination.  This line can be guarded with logic so that only
if the version monitor is installed, will the "latest" be shown
for comparison. 

*** Back to earth:  minimial implementation

The version description in the "information page" display is 
decorated with a "for more information" button that links to
an "about Lynx" page.  There are installation options for 
where this takes you:

        - highest and best: links to the "About _this_ Lynx"
        page locally installed.  That page would have proforma
        links to documents appropriate to this version and to
        the announce URL (e.g.
        which reliably covers the latest major rev. and ad lib
        other site specific info.
        - variations ad lib...

        - lowest and as-shipped default: links to
With that in place, we can evolve toward "push media" with all
deliberate speed.

Al Gilman
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