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LYNX-DEV Request for 'enhancement'

From: Larry W. Virden, x2487
Subject: LYNX-DEV Request for 'enhancement'
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 06:04:37 -0500

Re: use of lynx and 'devices'.

Wow.  I just had a brain storm.  However, it only helps those using 
System V.4 systems and ksh.  In the man pages for ksh 88 or newer versions
is a section called process substitution.  This allows one to do things like:

filtera | programb <(cat -)

where programb, which only takes a strict filename on the command line,
thinks the output from filtera is coming from a file!

Thus, we _could_ do
filtera | lynx -force_html <(cat -)

except for one tiny flaw...

after parsing, I see:

HTParse: result:localhost
HTParse: aName:file://localhost/dev/fd/4   relatedName:
HTParse: result:file
HTParse: aName:file://localhost/dev/fd/4   relatedName:
HTParse: result:file://localhost
HTParse: aName:file://localhost/dev/fd/4   relatedName:
HTParse: result:/dev/fd/4
Starting realm is 'file://localhost/dev/fd/'

After that starting realm, the program terminates!

I conjecture this is what happens.  Because ksh/unix tags lynx's stdin
as being the pipeline, when filtera completes it's work, the pipe gets an
EOF.  Since lynx treats EOF the same as quit, lynx then terminates the

If someone can figure out perhaps a flag that tells lynx not to treat
EOF as a QUIT, we can finally describe in the doc how _some_ users 
can use lynx in a filter to display dynamically generated html without
saving to an intermediate file. 
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