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Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx2-7 + 1997-03-11 FM bugfixes doesn't connect to CPAN (v

From: G. Del Merritt
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx2-7 + 1997-03-11 FM bugfixes doesn't connect to CPAN (via proxy?)
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 09:31 EST

In-reply-to: "address@hidden"'s message of 12-MAR-1997 02:16:27.27
>On Wed, 12 Mar 1997, G. Del Merritt wrote:
>>   $ lynxnew
>I get the following output with 
>     lynx -mime_header
> [snip]

Cool.  Added to my list of tricks.  (I know, I probably should have known that
from "h"...)

>That is, a redirection to an ftp URL.  This redirection message has
>several unusual properties:
> - the double slash at the end of the Location header
> - It pretends to have a text/html body, but there isn't any body
> - Requesting URL instead (without trailing
>   slash) gives quite different results.
> - It is a HTTP/1.1 response
>Any of these could be confusing your proxy, or even Lynx...

The response also confuses X-Mosaic (2.7b5), also working via the same proxy
server.  But it sort of works with Mosaic 2.1.1 under Windoze 3.11 using the
same proxy server; I get a page of links, and the only problem is an imagelet
that is substituted for a bullet is screwed up; I can at least click on
readme's and source downloads.

>I have no idea why -trace would make Lynx fail, apparently somewhere in
>the cookie code.

That, and the fact that the when I access CPAN by following a link to it on
The Perl Language Page (<URL:>) Lynx just returns to
the T.P.L.P. without obvious errors in the status line has me wondering about
signal handling.  Just a wag.

>> Other proxy served data appears to be working, so I don't know if noting use
>       :
>Try it without a proxy...

Ayup.  Problem is that I can't do so from this system; pesky (but trendy)
firewall is in the way.  If someone else with a proxyless VMS system has the
time to poke at <URL:>, you'd
at least be able to tell me definitively that it's my proxy and not my Lynx.
If it doesn't work for you without a proxy, it's not going to work for me!

Thanks, Klaus, and anyone else who has a chance.  I'll try to follow up on the
(VMS-specific?) access/segmentation violation with -trace.

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