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LYNX-DEV need help with slang/gzip/tar on Alpha

Subject: LYNX-DEV need help with slang/gzip/tar on Alpha
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 21:44:24 -0500 (EST)

Has anyone out there sucessfully installed slang on an OpenVMS AXP v6.2 ?
I have tried and failed. How do I un-tar on the Alpha?

The Lynx2-7 Installation. file says to get gzip from in the fileserv directory. So I got that.
 (actually it was in the vms/fileserv directory)
I then unzipped it ok and found an alpha executable in the new [.vms]. 
So far so good.

(As an aside, I also tried to create a new .exe using
 [.vms], but the new exe bombs on an access violation.
 Don't know if that is due to my choice of DEC C v5.0-003 compiler
 options or to something else.)

The lynx2-7 file says to get slang from So I went there and then to /slang
 and got slang0.99-38.tar.gz which Lynx saved as slang0_99-38.tar-gz

So I ran gzip -d on that and got slang0_99-38.tar.
Now what? Installation file does not say how to un-tar.
Back to Davis' files. His VMS.readme file says to extract his stuff
  go to gatekeeper and get gunzip-axp.exe and vmstar-axp.exe.
Ok, got 'em. Just for fun I re-gunzip-d the slang tar-gz file with this 
 new gunzip. It appeared to work fine also.
 Did a 'diff' on the two tar files just created. No diffs.
Both unzips gave the message   ...tar-gz   74.4% --replaced
 Is this significant?

So next tried to run vmstar-axp. There were no instructions for it so
 first I tried it with just '-h'. That gave an access viol error so
 then I tried it with no params. 
 $ taraxp := $ [...path...]vmstar-axp.exe
 $ taraxp
this told me usage: tar x|c|t[vbd][f tarfile] [file [file...]]
Then I cheated - went to a unix box to look up those letters in manpages.
Then I tried
 $ taraxp t v f slang0_99-38.tar
and it said
%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=04,
        virtual address=7F3DF920, PC=0002014C, PS=0000001B
%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
 Image Name   Module Name     Routine Name    Line Number  rel PC      abs PC 
 VMSTAR-AXP   VMSTAR          main                   7818 0000014C    0002014C
 VMSTAR-AXP   VMSTAR          __main                    0 00000058    00020058
                                                        0 893F0170    893F0170

Where do I go from here?

Susan C. Bredesen, VMS System Manager  EMAIL: address@hidden
VOICE:  617-377-3713, FAX: 617-377-3160
USMAIL: Phillips Laboratory/GPSS,29 Randolph Road,Hanscom AFB,MA 01731-3010

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