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LYNX-DEV unintended centring of paragraphs

From: Philip Webb
Subject: LYNX-DEV unintended centring of paragraphs
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 07:28:27 -0500 (EST)

Re: articles in New Scientist : .

thanx very much for your attention to my complaint: it's appreciated.

if you can make sure that there's a  <p align="justify">  before the 1st para
& following any included tables, Lynx will continue to left-justify
all the remaining paras.  by the way, you seem to be including the text
of the article within the table: this seems a rather odd procedure:
is there a reason for it?

Lynx is very literal & quite upto date: the latest release is 2-7 970215
& 2-7-1 will probably be out soon.  you are quite right that its one defect
is that it can't handle tables properly: there's a basic problem arising
from the way it processes the input stream to be really fast.  there are plans
to improve its table management & it may be possible for it to remember
how text was justified before the table, but at present it doesn't do that.
otherwise, you can assume that Lynx will be fully compliant with HTML rules
& act rationally.

i might add that Lynx is a godsend to the blind community (not me),
among whom there may be some of your I/Net readers.

970317  address@hidden  wrote:
> ok, I see what you're saying.
> This is not something that happens with Netscape or MSIE, or indeed,
> any browser that handles tables--there, the text will be
> aligned left because of the table. 
> I can understand that adding an <p align=justify> command will then allow
> Lynx to align the text left for that paragraph--if Lynx will then read this
> as a default command for the remaining paragraphs I'm happy to add a command
> at the beginning of the text within the table on our templates. However,
> if it's a command that needs to be added to EACH paragraph within the table,
> I can't do it--there simply isn't enough time in my day.

-- no, Lynx will remember from one para to another.
> [The reason you only get the centred text sometimes is that sometimes when we
> convert from our DTP the <p align=justify> commands are added automatically.]
> You should note, though, that the <p align=center> command at the top should
> only apply to the one paragraph, and should then be turned off by the </p>
> command at the end of the paragraph.

-- there's no need to use </p> if you are merely beginning another para.

> I would suspect that the problem is caused by the <center> command used
> to centre the table, as I said in my post. (Which would make sense--
> if Lynx can't see the table, then it would apply the command to whatever
> followed that it could see...)
> Anyway. I'll see what I can do.

-- Great! & thanx again. 

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