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LYNX-DEV ssl links questions

From: jdashiel
Subject: LYNX-DEV ssl links questions
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 01:41:48 -0500 (EST)

I'm on a next system and have lynx 2-7 made with March 20, 1997
bug fixes implemented.  There were no warnings and I got a very clean
I also have the eassl06.tgz file extracted and
 the ssleay.tar.gz package was also
extracted.  My goal is to have lynx 2-7 on this system capable of running 
ssl links as well as it runx html links.  The crypto package made fine but
I don't
know where the executable landed, I'm not su on this system so am building
this for my own use under my own directory structure.
The eassl06.tgz package wouldn't even make so my assumptions are:
1)  possible line ending problems, or
2)  make file is incompatible for other reasons.

My questions are:
have any list members or readers of the archives walked
my path and done it successfully?
If so, what did you do diffferently from what I did?
I'm not a member of this list due to no digest option and high volume.
If possible please reply and I'll summarize replies and post on
lynx-dev for other readers.  I'll wait 2 weeks, what comes in during that
time will be summarized and mailed in that time.  In the event replies are
not sent here,
I'll check out the archive to find what's available in two weeks.
My i.s.p. uses lynx 2.5 so being able to offer them a binary or
binaries already made might convince them to update for other users on
this site.

jude <address@hidden>

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