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LYNX-DEV Lynx interface with other browsers

From: dspencer
Subject: LYNX-DEV Lynx interface with other browsers
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 16:07:47 -0400 (AST)

I am presently setting up an interactive demonstration to promote Lynx
use for community NGO's. What I want to do is have a "link" on a page
which allows a person to access a lynx browser using Netscape as their
access base. 

The reason for this is that many people who are being introduced to
the WWW here are using Public Access Terminals using Netscape. By defualt
they are never exposed to the Lynx experince. Are there any examples of a
Lynx interface, of this nature, on existing Lynx education application
       -David Spencer

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