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LYNX-DEV A request of sorts..

From: Duncan Hill
Subject: LYNX-DEV A request of sorts..
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 19:03:12 +0400 (GMT-4)

I've finally had the need to make a table look good in Lynx, and Netscrape
etc all at the same time.. (until the server does client type ID).  The
table currently has everything centered, but thats not essential.
Therefore, I tossed in the align right and left tags, and Netscrape
displayed nicely.  Lynx, OTOH did not.  So I tried tabs..Lynx loved it,
Netscrape didn't.  Can anyone give me a clue as to how to make lynx either
accept the left and right tags (I just want a readable table that looks
neat) or get Netscrape to accept the TAB element?  Or a combo of both
reversed even?

The page that needs this is:

Any help appreciated, off list if need be..

Duncan Hill
Administrator/Webmaster for Bajan.Org
Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum - I think that I think therefore I think I am.
Email: address@hidden  :  address@hidden

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